SCOTT® Enclosed Belts

The flexible SCOTT® Enclosed Belt conveying system is designed to meet the most exacting global conveying demands for a wide range of industries that includes mining, manufacturing, food processing, agriculture and port loading facilities.

SCOTT markets, manufactures and supports globally, under licence, an enclosed material handling system from Innovative Conveyors Systems Ltd.

Material Handling Applications

An alternative to flat belt conveyor solutions, the SCOTT Enclosed Belt solution is a flexible replacement for other material handling systems especially where there is a requirement to go around corners, be re-locatable and lift material to extended heights.

Applications include:

  • Bucket elevator conveying
  • Screw conveying
  • All forms of continuous conveying
  • Bag filling systems
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Vibration conveying
  • Haul/Dump trucks
  • Environmentally Sensitive Conveying


Being a fully enclosed belt, with versatility to negotiate tight radii, enables the SCOTT Enclosed Belt solution to be easily installed within the constraints of existing infrastructure.

Other benefits include:

  • Ability to convey at steep angles (>70°)
  • Flexible routing
  • Modular assembly
  • Two-way conveying
  • Cost effective water proofing
  • Large runs of >5km, with no spillage
  • Adaptive mounting to suit any installation
  • Dust suppression
  • Simple in-situ belt change-over/repair
  • Mobile discharge options (ship loading)
  • Mobile filling hopper options (miner)

Demonstration/Trial Unit

SCOTT has a trial unit that is available (currently residing in Australia), that can be shipped to a client’s facility for demonstration purposes. As depicted below, the trial unit can either be configured in a circular fashion to feed itself for demonstration purposes or into a straight/curved line. Approximate length is 60m.

SCOTT® Enclosed Belt

Systems in Operation

To see various systems in operation, or review the many configuration options, refer to the SCOTT YouTube channel: