Robotic Technologies Limited

Robotic Technologies Limited

RTL – SCOTT® and Silver Fern Farms

Robotic Technologies Limited (RTL), which incorporates SCOTT and New Zealand's largest lamb processor, Silver Ferm Farms Limited. RTL develops many of the SCOTT automated meat processing systems, the most recent being a fully automated lamb boning room, which integrates robotic technology and X-ray information systems.

RTL combines industry knowledge and hands-on experience in real-time production environments with the lamb processing expertise of Silver Fern Farms and the engineering and machinery development capabilities of SCOTT.

Silver Fern Farms assist product development by ensuring that the equipment SCOTT manufactures is optimised for target meat industry markets. RTL products are tested extensively in Silver Ferns Farms plants to ensure they are reliable and meet required criteria. As a result SCOTT produce leading-edge solutions specific to the meat industry.

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