Company Profile
SCOTT® in New Zealand

Company Profile

SCOTT® Technology Limited is a New Zealand based, publicly listed engineering company that specialises in the design and manufacture of automated production and process machinery. The company's headquarters are located in Dunedin, New Zealand.


The company operates in New Zealand from Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. Its permanent sales and service offices are located in Dallas, Texas and Marion, Ohio - USA; Qingdao and Shanghai - China; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth - Australia; Bergamo - Italy; Vancouver - Canada; and Santiago - Chile.

SCOTT® world-wide

Business Divisions

SCOTT operates in five key markets around the globe:

 Appliance Systems

Appliance Systems specialises in the design and manufacture of large-scale automated manufacturing systems for the world's major whitegoods manufacturers. SCOTT's automated systems are used by our customers to manufacture domestic appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines. 100% of production is exported, mainly to the United States, Mexico, China and Europe. Sales and marketing is co-ordinated from New Zealand, supported by local sales offices in Dallas, Texas, covering the Americas; Milan, Italy, covering Europe and the Middle East; and mainland China (Shanghai and Qingdao) covering Asia.

 Meat Processing

Meat Processing works with meat processors to develop and build smart solutions for lamb and beef boning operations. Meat Processing is focused on the key development markets of New Zealand and Australia, with Australian sales and marketing support based in Sydney. Through Robotic Technologies Limited, our joint venture with Silver Fern Farms Limited, we are developing a fully automated and integrated lamb boning room, using a combination of robotic technology and x-ray information system integration.

The x-ray, primal cut and hindquarter systems within the boning room are all commercialised, with the middle and forequarter sections expected to reach full commercialisation in the near future. We also have a joint venture with Northern Co-operative Meat Company Limited of Australia to develop meat processing equipment for the beef industry.

 Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation designs and manufactures production equipment for industries in a variety of different sectors. Projects have included steel framing manufacturing lines, bracket assemblies for overhead doors, sheetmetal cabinet and welding systems for gaming machines, handling equipment for smelters, and water heater fabrication systems. SCOTT has entered into several strategic partnerships to provide specialist design and manufacturing expertise, enabling our customers to automate their production processes, while our partner provides expertise in their field of operations. Often these partnerships are established in the early stages of a customer's product development lifecycle where they are looking to develop an innovative and cost-effective solution, but where there is also the potential to provide SCOTT with repeat manufacturing in the future.

 Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation equipment is designed and manufactured for SCOTT under the ROCKLABS® brand, primarily for use within the international mining industry. ROCKLABS exports 98% of its manufactured equipment, with key markets being North and South America; Russia and the post-Soviet states; South America; and Australia. ROCKLABS have traditionally manufactured standalone equipment which is used to crush, split and pulverise a representative sample so that it can then be analysed for its precious metal content. That range of products and automated systems was extended by SCOTT's acquisition of ROCKLABS in 2008, allowing ROCKLABS to leverage off SCOTT's expertise.


High Temperature Superconductor technologies are developed under the HTS-110 brand, with SCOTT designing and manufacturing electro magnets. Customers or end customers include the world's largest hard disk drive manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. Standard magnets and systems have been developed for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), and will be commercialised in 2012. High temperature superconductor magnets need cooling, and HTS-110, in conjunction with Industrial Research Limited, has licensed patented cryocooler technology which will be used in HTS-110's systems, and which also has its own commercialisation opportunities.

SCOTT also has several specialist business units which support the rest of the group as well as servicing external customers:

SCOTT Service International is responsible for SCOTT's international servicing. SCOTT Service International maintains a mobile and flexible workforce to provide a rapid response to customer needs. As well as service assistance, SCOTT Service International provides customers with spare parts, equipment upgrades, modifications, and assistance with plant relocations. SCOTT Service International is supported by SCOTT engineers based in our Dallas, Sydney and Qingdao offices, as well as technicians from our approved service partners in Europe and South America.

SCOTT Fabtech provides metal cutting and fabrication services to SCOTT and to external customers. SCOTT Fabtech's equipment includes waterjet cutting technology that makes "clean cuts" to steel and other materials, which is particularly important for equipment destined for the meat processing and laboratory sampling industries.