Sample Preparation


Rocklabs have established itself as leaders in laboratory sample prepration, producing sample preparation equipment and reference materials for the metals and mineral industry internationally.

Established in 1969 as a commercial laboratory specialising in geochemical analysis and fire assaying, Rocklabs started the commercial manufacture of sample preparation equipment in 1975. Certified Reference Materials were added to the range of products in 1997. Scott Technology acquired the Rocklabs business in July 2008, further extending its capabilities.

We have an experienced team of geochemists, chemists, geologists, engineers, designers and specialists in automation and robotics, giving a unique understanding of the requirements and protocols of sample preparation procedures within mining and research laboratories.

Rocklabs philosophy is to maintain its position as the world leaders in both sample preparation equipment and in certified reference materials. Research and development of new products is therefore high priority.

Sample Preparation Equipment

Rocklabs manufacture world-leading sample preparation equipment, automated and mechanized laboratory systems for mines and metals industries world-wide.

Rocklabs supply specialized equipment including crushers, pulverizers, sample dividers and reference materials, for the mining of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We export high quality and well-designed equipment to customers in more than 92 countries.

Rocklabs' sample preparation systems are custom designed and built specifically to meet the requirements of the customer. The are available as mechanized or automated sample preparation systems:

  • The mechanized systems combine two or more machines built-in with minimal operator action.
  • The automated systems allow for samples to be loaded as batches with minimal or no operator involvement. Robots can also be incorporated into the automated systems if required.

Rocklabs also offer the industry a range of standard processing equipment, including:

  • BTRM - Bench Top Ring Mill
  • SRM - Standard Ring Mill
  • BTRSD - Bench Top Rotating Sample Divider
  • SARSD - Stand Alone Rotating Sample Divider
  • BOYD - Boyd Crusher
  • BYDB - Big Boyd Crusher
  • BOYD-RSD - Boyd Crusher RSD Combo
  • CRM-RSD - Continuous Flow Ring Mill RSD Combo
  • SMART BOYD-RSD - Smart Boyd Crusher RSD Combo

High Quality Certified Reference Materials

Rocklabs produce certified reference materials for the mines and metals industries across the world.

We offer a broad range of Au-Ag and Pt-Pd-Au reference materials, available in 30 gram or 50 gram sachets or 2.5 kg Jars. These are used by laboratories and exploration companies for QA/QC Management. A certificate is supplied with each reference material.

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