Sorting and Inspection

Applied Sorting

Applied Sorting Technologies is Australia’s longest established manufacturer of x-ray food inspection equipment.  More than 22 years of innovative product development and a reputation for building robust, reliable equipment has helped Applied Sorting establish a comprehensive base of satisfied customers, including many of Australia’s leading meat processors and food manufacturers.

The company’s Australian based team of engineers and scientists, all specialists in x-ray inspection, provide a high level of before sales and after sales technical support.  Local product development capability allows Applied Sorting to pursue an active program of product innovation and to custom build machines for special applications, with demonstrated results in the fields of ore and mineral sorting, carcass stimulation, meat product imaging and packaged goods inspection.

 Food Inspection

Applied Sorting presently manufactures several standard models of standalone x-ray food inspection systems and are also able to provide customised solutions to meet individual customer’s specific requirements.

Applied Sorting Technologies also provide an x-ray inspection service for clients who have small amounts of product to check for damaged packaging, contamination or defects in packaged product.  The service can detect contaminants such as glass chips, stones, fragments of metal and bone, and dense plastics and rubbers.

 Ore Sorting

Applied Sorting has extensive knowledge and experience in many techniques of sorting processed ore using imaging processes, grounded in the development over 20 years ago of diamond recovery equipment for Argyle Diamonds, utilising x-ray fluorescence.

Applied Sorting has recently developed their x-ray transmission sorter, intended primarily for analysing the ores of steel alloying elements such as tungsten, molybdenum and nickel.  This system then sorts ore-based on mineral content, enabling high yields for minimum processing cost.

 Carcass Stimulation

Applied Sorting has played a major role in the development of world class electronic carcass stimulation systems in association with Meat & Livestock Australia, Food Science Australia, the Victorian Department of Primary Industries and other respected bodies in the food industry.

Stimulation systems are built to handle the harsh environment of processing rooms, and utilise rugged enclosures and effective circuit design to deliver optimal electrical intervention.

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